​About Le Maître

Luxury, multifunctionality, quality and comfort are words that are high on Le Maître’s banner. Le Maître was born from the principle that we can get the most out of our minimal free time. And how better to do that than with a Multi-Oven that you provide
of all comforts and possibilities!

A little less of cooking and a little more of an open fire? That’s why we designed the cool fire pit & BBQ. This fire pit is a real winner and a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast. The fire basket has the option to remove the supplied grill grates and, for example, add a Teppanyaki, or to leave the basket completely open. Here, too, convenience is paramount, with a sturdy set of wheels that can be moved easily and is fully weather-resistant.

Quality, durability, look & feel

Le Maître’s products are made of thick steel, and in particular: Corten steel. Corten steel is known for its robustness and in its purest form, the Pure Corten, for the specific brown rust color that changes its appearance over time. That’s not only
beautiful, but the properties of Corten steel also ensure a very dense oxide layer, which makes it a type of steel that lasts a very long time.

The natural rusting process is something that gives a luxury item a cool look & feel. The rusted area radiates that people really live and that is exactly what we want to achieve with Le Maître. Life without limits and maximum Burgundian enjoyment.

Quality and Sustainability go hand in hand at Le Maître. In addition to Corten steel, we use high-quality KD dried oak wood for our Multi-Ovens and tables. A real addition to the quality of outdoor living.

Le Maître